Spline Forte

SplineForte is an extraordinary program for cubic interpolation and function approximation. It is designed to supports research in gravitational field, biomedical engineering, sensor linearisation and for development of curves operating point in automatic control processes. SplineForte+ is high professional version of SplineForte that support many additional features than the SplineForte like DXF output, fonts in graphic, much more control points, etc. Best way to get more information is to write to andrijar@andrijar.com.

Main screen

SplineForte has ability to create a curve from control points and to draw it in arbitrary resolution (it draws in file and than it can convert this file in PCX or/and BMP format). SplineForte displays symbolic form of every single polynomial of cubic spline curve and export them in several ways. One way is exporting in FORTRAN 77 or BASIC function's form. We have to choose from two kind of functions: linear or binary function. Linear FORTRAN function (of curve) has linear placed IF structures, so the searching for an interval is linear. Binary function has binary tree search for the interval. It has placed IF structures in binary tree form. Then there is only Log2(n) IF question in a function, where n is number of points. In conjunction with other option it is best choice for microconroler's linearisation of sensors.

The module for data points importing

The module for data coefitients importing

The module for data points' editing

You can input function in analytical form, and then convert it to set of cubic polynomial that presents cubic splines. You can do all the things as with discrete points, after that.

The module that deals with the basic spline plolynomials

The module that deals with the symbolic functions defined by points

The module that deals with the symbolic functions defined by points

The module that performs linear transformations on points

SplineForte can also find definit integral of curve. This is one of the best ways for computing values of definite integrals. It can find the derivative of curve, too. Functions of derivative and anti-derivative SplineForte can export in every way as the function of curve.

The module that deals with integrated spline plolynomials

Quartic spline polynomials obtained after integration

The module that differentiates basic spline plolynomials

The differentiated spline polynomials

SplineForte supports several ways of approximations:

  1. Approximation by Legendree polynomials
  2. Approximation by Chebishev polynomials
  3. Approximation by Chebishev U polynomials
  4. Approximation by L1 approximation
  5. The least quadrates polynomial approximation
  6. Fourie approximations

The module is main module of approximations

Chebishev polynomial approximation

Legendre polynomial approximation

L1 polynomial approximation

Fourie trigonometric polynomial approximation

Approximated polynomial can be exported in FORTRAN, BASIC and text  forms:

Fortran program with function that is approximation of the black body radiation curve

SplineForte is not user friendly in modern sense, but, probably, it is the most useful program for interpolation. It is DOS program ergonomically designed based on the great laboratory experience and on electronics devices' designing.
Simply, it works and finishes a job which is enough in the most situations.

There are nine reasons why it is the best:

  1. It is very, very fast,
  2. It can display curve in symbolic analytical form,
  3. It can export curve in FORTRAN form,
  4. It can draw in arbitrary resolutions,
  5. It can find operating points,
  6. It can compute definite integral,
  7. It can find approximate polynomial,
  8. It can perform L1 approximation.
  9. It can draw pictures in arbitrary resolutions.

SplineForte made the following graphic of the mass derivation in our galaxy from the data of velocities across the radius of our galaxy published in the “Messenger” magazine:

The graphic of mass density in our galaxy from the data of velocities across the radius published in the “Messenger” magazine:


There is also a number of very sophisticated tools for numerical analysis available in offer, that finds full forms of functions. These routines really do jobs. Ask for them now.

Press the following button to download SplineForte demo program: Before downloading please read carefully the following paragraph:

SplineForte is not public domain, nor the freeware program. SplineForte program is protected with the copyright law. All unauthorized coping is prohibited. Author or any other person is not liable for any damage or any other possible loss caused by program SplineForte. You have to use it on your own risk only!

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