Here is exposed just a hypothetical therapy based on wrong medicaments and it should not be tried by anyone without consultation with their physician and permanent medical supervision and their own free will to do that, although I do not suggest that this should be applied even as the last resort without prior tests on animals. The medical personal should take all the responsibilities for all eventual consequences and therefore I am not responsible either for any damage and health loss caused by this text or any other incidental or consequential damage occurred by the hypothesis exposed in this particular text! This text does not include recommendations for any therapy, i.e. pharmaceutical doses or interval of applications and thus it should not be applied without prior determination of proper doses and establishing of the therapy protocol.



     This text proposes a method for vaccination after the manifestation of the virus infection speculating with the facts that cytostatics are able to affect the viruses’ multiplications giving enough time to the human body instigated with the appropriate vaccine to produce enough antibodies to cease the infection in its active phase.



     Cytostatics are medicaments for cancer treatment and their major characteristic is ability to stop cell multiplications, although they affect eukaryotes only while prokaryotes continue with procreation. The basic idea of cytostatics is prevention of cells multiplications which will also stop cancer growth and during this interval of time human immune system can significantly damage the cancer tissue. The idea is that immune system is able to produce gamma globulins and other antibodies during the effect of cytostatics except to make new cells including leucocytes too. The goal of vaccination is to provoke creation of the immunoglobulins and antibodies whose then prevent eventual infection in the future during exposure to the viruses. The production of white blood cells is usually reestablished with the filgrastine or perfilgrastine treatment that is applied certain time after the chemotherapy is administered.
     Rabies is generally treated only by vaccination because production of the antibodies is much faster than the multiplication of viruses and such treatment is usually quite successful. We know by this vaccine that the human body is able to produce effective antibodies against rabies virus, but not always quickly enough. There are situations in which patients are not aware that they are infected and mainly nocturnal bats infect people on this way.
     There is only one protocol able to cure rabies after the symptoms of the disease appeared – this is Milwaukee protocol invented in 2004 which successfully cured 15 years old female, she survived the rabies disease first time ever in recorded history. The protocol is consisted of an application of cocktail of various virustatics with none of them able to affect the rabies virus on any way, but all these virustatics administered combined are, somehow, able to cope with the rabies infection. This is a pertinent moment for the question whether the rabies can be cured on the same or similar way as the tetanus disease, as it is assumed by the Milwaukee protocol. There are some tribes in Amazon area able to cure the rabies spread by the bats with the application of smaller dose of a neurotoxin they usually use on the tip of their arrows and spears for animal hunting, making tribal protocol quite similar to our own one for the tetanus treatment. Practically the witch doctors are provoking induced coma to infected tribal members and after several days those patients are mostly awakening cured. This tribal medicament is more selective than our own giving patients’ chance to breath by themselves without the aid of aspirators as they do not possess them.
     So, if we assume that the rabies can be cured on the similar way as the tetanus then we can suppose that we should somehow help the body to produce antibodies faster than the progress of rabies infection itself.
     Virustatics are similar to cytostatics on many ways and my initial assumption is that all these virustatics administered combined act just as a cytostatic because they do generate symptoms quite similar to ones of the cytostatics cure.
     We can further assume that a set of cytostatics used to cure lymphoma can also be used to stop dividing of human cells and consequently dividing of the rabies viruses and then the production of antibodies can be stimulated with huge dose of inactivated vaccine together with the Isoprinosine or/and Filgrastine medicament(s) to provoke faster antibodies creation. It is reasonable assumption that it is much better to apply a pure cytostatic than a cocktail of antiviral medicaments from which no one is able deprive spreading of the rabies viruses. The virus itself cannot multiply without help of human cells and with stopping of human cell multiplications there should not be the dividing of rabies viruses too and during this effect of cytostatics the body itself should be able to produce antibodies with partly reduced rate, but assumption is that virus multiplication is much more affected by the cytostatics cure than the production of the antibodies themselves enabling the process of vaccination to accomplish immunization after the manifestation of the virus infection.
     According all these assumptions exposed in the above text the Milwaukee protocol should be replaced with the cure of cytostatics supported with inactivated rabies vaccine and immune boosters like Isoprinosine and Filgrastine are. Usage of cytostatics in the treatment of contagious viral lethal disease defies the common sense because weakening of the immune system by cytostatics apparently cannot bring anything good, but the implicit conclusion is that the usage of cytostatics would also prevent multiplications of deadly viruses giving the precious time to human body instigated by an appropriate vaccine to produce enough antibodies to cease otherwise lethal infection.

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