Jorge Guala-Valverde (died in 2009),
Active Member of the Academy of Sciences of New York

His experimental and theoretical work is very important in disclosure of present dogma in physics. He was born in 1950 and he is a member of Academy of Sciences of New York.
The main goal of the work is to show that the main mistake is done early at the very beginning of science and techniques we have today. The main mistake was done by misunderstanding of Faraday’s homopolar generator that directly led to Lorentz transformations and consequently to Einstein Theory of relativity. Resent experiments have clearly showed that things are not as most us take them for grant: Bumerang Project, resent Microwave experiments performed by Hartwig W. Thim that was approved by IEEE, etc.
Misunderstanding of such important things like electromagnetism prevents further progress in science and techniques and that must be surpassed by immediate, strong and fast rejecting to litter all bed premises and theories that are wrong. The theories must be rejected to enable further progress.

Experimental Setup

Figures show an annular (25 mm inner radius, 75 mm outer radius), ceramic-type, axially magnetized, permanent magnet M. A circular sector (clearest zone) amounting ca. 1/30 of the whole piece was cut out from M. M itself was embedded in a 100 mm radius Teflon disk and the whole apparatus was dynamically balanced accounting for the missing mass.
Due to the topological characteristics of the device, no relevant alternating signal (due to a time-varying flux within the whole circuit) can be expected. We checked the above statement with the aid of the oscilloscope and a 600 turn circular (120 mm radius, 60 mm height) coil axially centered with R. The coil enclosed R symmetrically. The highest alternating (at the rotation frequency) signal measured (peak to peak) never surpassed 50 mV when R was spun at some 150 rad/s. The above amounts to less than 0.01 mV/turn. Nevertheless, unavoidable random noise is present due to the sliding contacts and we eliminate it by inserting a 200 μF capacitor in parallel with the CC wire. All the measurements were performed with the aid of a 1 MΩ impedance volt-meter.


  1. R was spun in the clockwise (CW) sense and the voltage Vap = Va - Vp was measured by closing the circuit with the aid of the probe wire. When R reaches some 150 rad/s we got Vap = -20.0±0.1 mV, instead of the +20 mV expected according to the absolutistic interpretation.

  2. R Remaining in CW rotation the voltage Vqb ≈ Vqr = Vq - Vr was measured by closing the circuit at magnetic field. At some 150 rad/s we have measured Vqb = +20.0±0.1 mV, as expected by both absolutists and relativists.

  3. Finally we measured, under the same conditions as above, Vab = 0.0 ± 0.1 mV by closing the circuit at the rings.


As it is well known, if a conducting magnet, or the brushes supplying wires of the performed experiments, move in a magnetic field , the Lorentz force on each wire produces an electromotive force

where is the angular velocity. If field is uniform and perpendicular to the radius , then

which can be verified by a voltmeter. If external wire rotates rigidly with the magnet, the same e.m.f. is generated in it, but in opposition. A voltmeter in series in the rotating the external wire measures zero voltage.
According to the absolutistic interpretation [1,2] of electromagnetic unipolar induction, the employed device would behave as two independent e.m.f. sources connected in series giving, in consequence, a 40 mV output signal when measuring between probes.

According to relativistic principles, what matters in the considered phenomenon is the motion of any point (with position ) of the circuit relative to the observer, for which the value of the magnetic field is in each of the considered points . In the relativistic view, the above device behaves as two independent emf sources connected in opposition. The external wire "sees" over time the same field distribution. As an additional proof of the above statement we have prepared another magnet in which the cut only amounted to 1/100 of the entire annulus surface. The outcome, as far as the reversion of concerns, was identical to the former, albeit the original field distribution remained almost unperturbed.


The reported experimental evidence compels us to revisit the work done by Kennard, Bartlett and coworkers. According to Šuric the electric field of a spinning dipole, being non-Coulombic, cannot be screened by metallic conductors. Also Jehle's model of the electron must be thoroughly reconsidered. The standard, classical electromagnetism is confirmed.
A stimulus to perform the present experiments came from the growing interest in electromagnetic phenomena.


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