It is the most amassing paradox in the theory of special relativity. It predicts that one of twins would become younger regarding to other one if the one were traveling in order to other static one. It is evidently that the theory needs the observer as arbiter to judge who is moving and who not regarding that the velocity is relative value in the theory. We do not have eater any more but we do have the general observer, well-known concept from the middle age philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274). The only problem is that Einstein rejected any existence of super observer, but his theory needs it.
It is very brave from Einstein to connect time and velocity together. It implicates that there exists the differential time between two bodies and that observer determines the velocity of time. As the velocity is relative we can guess what is the speed of the twins separately to determine their “true” age. We can assume that we are static and that all others are in motions so our time is the fastest one, indeed.
The concept of relative time is so strange because we cannot stop the time, either to accelerate the time significantly. We do not deal with the time but we deal with the differential time, i.e. we measure the velocity of time, e.g. 1 second is velocity of time. So, the concept of relative time is strange because it is based on the time not the velocity of time, and the main variable involves the velocity of time, indeed.
The theory of relativity could not be valid theory also because time could not be relative variable. The measuring devices that deal with relative variables have two probes like velocity, electric potential, etc and devices that measure absolute variables have only one probe like acceleration, time, etc. We are able to measure acceleration regardless any other referent point due to the inertia formula and our watch works regardless any referential point too. Even if we attach clocks operation to the gravity field and acceleration - in that cases there is only one probe per field and thus time can vary only on acceleration and the gravity field and time cannot depend on velocity anyway.
Special Theory Of Relativity attempts to put in agreement mechanics with electromagnetism and the General Theory of Relativity tries to cancel influence of velocity to the traveler clock around closed contour regardless his acceleration and velocity. It is done by equations that include accelerations that act to the traveler during his route around the contour. Thus at the end of route his watch would show the same time as other people’s watches that were standing on starting point whole time of the trip.
We all know that all the bodies have the same speed at free falls. The logical proof says that if the heavier body would have the greater speed than the lighter body attached to the heavier body would slow down the heavier one. As we know, two bodies together have bigger mass than each one separately, so we can conclude that philosophical experiments can be satisfied in any situation only if all bodies have the same speed of free fall under identical conditions in vacuum. This is evidence exposed to Platon by Aristotle, his student. The proof was rejected so we had been believing that the heavier bodies fall faster for over then 17 centuries. It shows the power of the authority and its supremacy over the truth. We have been able to see that the theory of relativity is far away to be untrue, but it is also far away to be completely true theory.
Theory of Special Relativity has excellent agreement with the experiments: furthermore, it is able to bring correct formula of Cherenkov effect as well as formula for gravitational light's shift and so one.
The theory yields pretty nice results probably regarding the big constant of speed velocity, so the formulas might be obtained as approximation from true formulas.
The symmetric twins' paradox is able to break the concept of time as function of velocity. If the time is relative it can be only the function of acceleration – not the velocity because velocity is differential value as it is mentioned above.
The relativity of length has origin in the absolute velocity of light. So, if all observers are able to measure the same speed of light, than we can assume the situation consisted of a light beam and several observers with different velocities that measure the speed of photons in the beam. So, the equation that is valid for all observers are:




There is also a formula for classic Doppler effect for light:


If we compose equation (1) and (2) we obtain:


By involvement of (4) in (3) it is derived:


Finally we have:


The negative value for velocity means that the observer is moving to source of light.
Einstein's formula for space contraction is:


Taylor's approximations for formula above and the Einstein special relativity formula (7) are respectively given below:




It is remarkable that except the first members of series all other ones are different between these two series.
This set of equations shows that there is a relativity of length only if speed of light is absolute value for all observers. It also demonstrates that there is not only the contraction – there is also a dilatation of length and it depends on whether we are moving to the source of light or we are moving away from them. The Einstein relativity knows only for concept of contraction of lengths and it is in collision with the formulas above. While the special theory must cover the predecessor's theory including the classic one it means that the Einstein theory is not logically correct. Unfortunately we do not know whether the reality take cares about logic (i.e. our logic) or not.
As Einstein relativity of time is pure idealistic concept, so let we assume the next situation: the observer and two twins are in steady motions that forms the symmetrical triangle: The observer has its own timer as well as both twins have. The agreement is that twins would reset theirs watches immediately when they receive appropriate signal from observer. They would send the values of its timers to each other as well as to observer by digitally modulated and crypted e-m waves at certain intervals. The observer would send the values of its own watches to the twins on the same way. Regarding the theory of relativity each twin would notice that its timer is faster then the observer's one and that it is even faster than the timer of other twin. At the moment of meeting each twin would send to observer and to other one the value of its own timer and the timer's values just receives from the other twin. The observer would receive the identical values from the timers of both twins and slower time obtained from twins indirectly. It the theory of relativity is still valid it implicates that the information is valid too and, even more, it is able to modify the cryptic information on proper way to make situation correct. It may significantly change our concept of physical causality. If it is correct it means that at the moment of measurement the each twin measures the slower mutual time, but later in pub they will determine that the times are identical.

I do not believe in something like that, and you?

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