For those of us finding this paper is too long, its goal is to show that inertial frame should be used as reference for measuring of the speed instead of the arbitrary observer as it is current case in the Theory of Relativity. Elusive Referential Frame is something real defining inertial property via acceleration of the body while the observer is just a spectator and nothing more. The acceleration in the Newton’s formula for inertia is measured as the second time differentiation of the radius vector whose one end is attached to the object in acceleration while another end is attached to the elusive Inertial Frame. So, if there is a qualified observer then there is only one and not plenty of them as the Theory of Relativity suggests. Most of the SRT and GRT equations are correct to the certain extent while the philosophy remains highly questionable. The Theory of Relativity is implicitly derived from the confirmed real laws of electrodynamics and then applied to the mechanics which finally must lead to the plausible results unhappily relying to the incorrect N hypothesis philosophy and thereby both the GRT and SRT theories require serious corrections.

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